Extensive range of steel grades to meet every expectation



Extensive range of steel grades to meet every expectation


Oil & Gas Industries

Fragile natural environment is the main deterrent for most materials to sustain in marine applications. Stainless Steel stands firm with its unique features of corrosion-resistance and peculiar chemical constitution. Renowned for providing the best product options and solutions to our customers, at VIVAN, we adopt a unique approach with respect to requirements as per different applications and industrial demands.


Corrosion resistance and compatible mechanical properties are the main requirements in most chemical and petrochemical industries. Products that stand the test of time and work with utmost efficacy is a prerequisite that is looked into minute details by our experts at VIVAN, during the product processing. Special grades are developed with greater corrosion resistance for high-end performance.

Energy & Power

The role of Steel in the energy and power generation sector is unique. Looking into the recyclable aspect with safety and structural integrity, at VIVAN, we propose products that suit the demands of the energy and power sector befittingly well. Due to its cost-effectiveness, strength, durability and aiding in energy efficiency, our products are a preferred choice catering to specific demands in energy production and transmission.

Heavy Engineering

As bigger the industrial structure, the bigger the complexities involved! Materials that are compatible to stay undeterred in fierce conditions, at VIVAN, we propose bars in accordance with the prime requirement of stability and strength. We believe in building long-lasting association with our clients by way of proposing methods and use of products that work best in their applications.


Railways need Steel? Or Steel needs Railways? The question itself defines the relationship between the steel industry and railways. Steel fits the bill on various aspects; cost, weight, reliability, and maintenance. Used for locomotives, coaches & wagons, rail tracks, electric traction, &infrastructure, at VIVAN, we work in coordination with railways to provide the right competitive solutions.


Specific projects require to be submerged in water and are intended to last for decades. Rust and corrosion are the major deterrents when it comes to such projects. To suggest products that guarantee safety and superior performance with excellent maintenance is a responsibility that rests on the facilitator. We, at VIVAN, look into the intricate demands and propose products that are best suited as according to the conditions and demands.

Wind Mills

Steel holds the turbine’s blades in place as they rotate and provide a strong frame and machinery. The nacelle contains electrical steels that help conserve energy. As Steel is used in most components of the turbine due to its greater strength and durability, our team at VIVAN, works closely, identifying the specific demands and thus delivering the ‘Right Steel’ to produce superior results.

Pumps & Valves

Working on producing products made with a combination of different grades, our constant endeavor is towards eliminating problems faced during welding and fabricating. Already used in abundant quantity, valves and pumps are likely to use more duplex and super duplex grades in coming times. We, at VIVAN, are all set to offer the best we can across various requirements & individual specifications.


Steel aids in keeping the wind turbines stall tall and efficient. It is the primary material of choice in onshore and offshore wind turbines. Right from the foundation to the tower itself, every component of a wind turbine constitutes of Steel. After a thorough study of the requirement & industrial conditions, at VIVAN, our experts propose product offerings that exhibit consistency and superior qualities to withstand against all odds.

Material Handling

Machines and equipment are used for making cargo work more proficient, using less labor. There are machines used for lifting heavy loads and need to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. The steel bars used for manufacturing these machines have to be strong & robust in nature. Suggesting apt products, at VIVAN, safety and accurate handling are crucial aspects of consideration.

Cogs & Bearings

Significantly used in most industrial equipment, rolling bearings are one of the most frequent machine elements. The main requirements of rolling bearings are rolling contact fatigue strength, resistance to deformation, toughness, and hardness. At VIVAN, our professionals work in close tandem during the manufacturing process, delivering products that stand distinct and have an edge over the rest.

Machine Tools

Right from minute parts to large factory based machinery; tools and machinery cover a wide range. Tool steels are used in the manufacturing of parts. They exhibit unique properties such as hardness, resistance to heat, wear and corrosion. Being cost-efficient and remanufacture- friendly, it is the preferred choice. Identifying the specific need and thereby supplying the ‘Right Steel’ is what the meticulous team at VIVAN excels in.